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Wife Coach

Year End Review


This year I’ve helped over 500 women navigate their season of marital hardship by renewing their minds according to the Word of God.

Business Accomplishments

  • Over 200% increase in YOY revenue

  • 67% increase in Instagram follower evolution

  • Reached over 3.8 million people and had over 5.4 million impressions on Instagram

  • Held a 3 night Winning Wives Alumni Retreat

  • Developed & Launched The First Annual SHIFT Conference

  • Developed and Taught 2 new classes: FACING Forgiveness, The Triggered To Transformed Wife


Client Impact

  • Served over 300 women through virtual classes 

  • Served over 84 women on Clarity Calls helping them to gain clarity in their season of marital hardship

  • Coached 26 women through my curriculum based programs, the Winning Wives Academy and 1-On-1 Intensive Coaching.

  • Served over 60 women at the first annual SHIFT Conference

  • Served 70 women inside of my online learning and support platform, W.H.O.L.E


Client Testimonials & Social Proof

"After the second module on spiritual warfare, I was able to see clearly the distinction between Satan and my husband. I was able to take the energy I put into my victim status, woe is me pity party and dedicate it to the work Coach T was challenging us to do. That personal attention coupled with the support of women in challenging situations was the lifeline I needed to strengthen my relationship with God, which not only improved my marriage but brought tens of thousands of dollars in revenue to my business. I can honestly say that after 12 years of marriage, we are getting along better than we ever have."

"I thought there was no way I would still be married to my husband and actually in a better place than we have been in years before I found out about all the things that had taken place. Without Coach T and the Academy I would have been hyper focused only on what was taking place versus what work God was trying to do in me. God has done a complete turnaround in me and my marriage."

"Where do I begin?! My experience with you and your curriculum has been life changing, to say the least. A major shift in my mindset altogether. I have always had a relationship with God, but not like I do now. It is renewed, it is reenergized, it is real. Before I didn’t understand what a wife should be. What a true covenant marriage looks like. That knowledge in itself made me realize how so unaligned I was with God. Now that I know, it is amazing of the level peace and clarity I have because I know the Lord has me regardless of what comes my way. I know what HE wants me to do, not just what I want. Whether it is hard times within my marriage or anything else the enemy tries to bring my way, I’m on a path to peace and that constant joy. I am more content than I ever have been with myself. I can check my feelings and emotions and not focus on the negative. I focus on leading with love and patience while being selfless. It continues to be a daily journey, but I have already seen a shift in myself and also in my marriage. I can see HIS work through myself. It’s amazing! Everyday is not unicorns and rainbows and it’s not supposed to be and I am good with that! Holy Spirit will continue to work through me, on me and guide me. I am forever grateful for you, Coach T! I thank God for using you every day."

"Healing is a daily process. I think about where I was 6 months ago and I just praise God. Back then l lived with so much pain and anger. I couldn’t see my way out. Then when my husband and I separated I thought that was the end. With the help of WHOLE, I have learned to accept the love that God has for me and it has become intentional for me to please God in all my ways (now sometimes I have to repent for the ungodly thoughts) but I see growth in myself and that brings me joy. My husband and I plan to live together again in July. I’ve given those plans to God trusting that HE will lead me in the right direction over the next 9 months."

"I want to say that just in following Tawanda’s IG and the month and half or so I’ve been using WHOLE, I’ve seen a shift in my thoughts and my peace and understanding of scripture and what I believe my reason for being in this season is (or what I’m supposed to be learning and refining). The support of every single one of you and Coach T has made such an impact. Now I’m not going to advocate for not doing therapy, but I’ve come so much further and learned so much more since joining WHOLE than I ever got out of therapy during this season. So I just want to put out there that doing the work is hard but it’s worth every bit of peace that comes with it, even if that peace comes in tiny pieces."

What;s Next

  • Continued virtual coaching: Virtual coaching for curriculum-based programs will continue to be an integral part of business

  • W.H.O.L.E.: A major emphasis will be placed on growing this platform to help women of God navigate the day-to-day of their marital hardship

  • In-Person Events: The second annual Alumni Retreat and SHIFT Conference are both on the radar for OneFlesh TV Coaching going into 2024. 

  • Speaking Availability: Event speaking will be a newly available service going into 2024

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