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Communication Workshop
Get Clear on Fruitful Communication For Your Marriage
The Winning Wives
Hosted by: Tawanda Johnson

when to say it and why your efforts just don't seem to be working can be exhausting.  That's why I'm excited to bring back the Winning Wives Communication Workshop. This 2-hour intensive workshop is designed for Women of God who desire better communication within their marriage.  Here's what you'll learn:


is the toughest element of marriage.  Trying to figure out what to say, how to say it

Your Go-To Communication Style 
Why Your Go-To Communication Style Isn't Working
7 Necessities For Fruitful Conversations In Marriage
6 Poor Communication Patterns You Should Stop NOW
How To Leverage Communication Types To Communicate Better In Your Marriage
The Gap Between Your Communication Style and The Key to Fruitful Conversations With Your Husband
Here's What People Are Saying:

"This workshop was so well put together and presented even better!  Tawanda took the time to break down the concepts and communication styles into easy-to-understand bites and used real-life examples that made it so relatable.  Now I understand why being an effective communicator is great for my job, but not necessarily for my marriage.  Fruitful communication serves my purpose as a wife and woman of God the best."

"This workshop was so great in helping me to understand the differences in the way my husband and I communicate.  I've definitely found myself thinking a lot more about what I'm going to say to my husband before I actually say it."

"This workshop was awesome! I learned so much.  I enjoyed following along through the workbook.  After everything I learned I am ready to have real fruitful conversations with my husband and also a fruitful marriage."

"After attending this workshop I'm now able to see every interaction with my husband as an opportunity to plant good seeds and foster a stronger connection with him."

About Your Host

I'm Tawanda, a Wife Coach that helps Woman of God like you get properly positioned as a WIFE so you can bulletproof your marriage and manifest the relationship you truly desire with their husband.


The first half of my 14 years of marriage is where God truly prepared me to be one of the absolute best at positioning and preparing women to successfully navigate marriage as a Woman of God.


My early years of marriage were filled with arguing, selfish behavior, and a lack of understanding how to truly love. We also grieved through repeat pregnancy loss and, struggled through financial turmoil.  My husband and I really went through it.  But God!


Through God’s Word and leaning into my personal relationship with Christ as well as with my husband, I have created a formula for navigating marriage problems successfully.  Communicating fruitfully is a big part of that.  As a result, my husband and I have become: 


  • Expert Communicators

  • Conflict Resolution Specialists

  • Parents of 3 Amazing Children

  • Owners of two Thriving Businesses

  • Home Owners of a 10,000 Square foot estate

And now, I coach other Women of God on how to bulletproof their marriage from conflict.  Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind workshop.  Step into communication CLARITY!



"Tawanda will give you the tools to help you save your marriage and make it better; you just have to be willing to do the work!"

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