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Desert Road
Learn Your Lane
Hosted by: Tawanda Johnson
Wednesday | January 31, 2024 | 8pm EST

"This season of my marriage feels impossible! I've done everything I know to be better and make things better but nothing seems to be working.  I've even tried surrendering everything to God, but still nothing has changed. It's as if God is telling me that it's time to move on.  Is God telling me to move on?"

Does this sound like you?

It's not uncommon to have these very thoughts and feelings during a difficult season of marriage. What you may not realize is, that feeling that God is telling you to move on, could really be God telling you to move over. 

Often times in our greatest efforts to help make things better, we unknowingly get in God's way.   And the truth is, if you can't identify your lane as you walk this journey of life with the Lord Jesus, you won't progress the way God has intended you to.  Could it be, that in this season of marital hardship, you are in the wrong lane? 

Join me January 31, 2024 as I help you Learn Your Lane.  In this 90 minute class I'm going to share critical insight regarding your walk with Christ and how to incorporate it in this difficult season of your marriage.

What it truly means to walk with God
How to identify YOUR LANE
How to stay in YOUR LANE
How to win in YOUR LANE

You're In!

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About Your Host

I'm Tawanda, a Wife Coach that helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship fruitfully.


My 16 year marriage and personal walk with Christ have equipped me to be one of the absolute best in the world at helping women to withstand, navigate and overcome marital hardships.
In a culture and world that glorifies SELF, I help wives stand firm in their faith and glorify Jesus by navigating marriage difficulties according to His word.
I have helped many women navigate various marriage challenges including:
  • Infidelity
  • Infidelity Resulting In Outside Children
  • Child loss
  • Consistent Conflict
  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Identity Trauma
  • Spousal Abandonment
With every transformed woman and marriage God gets the glory.
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