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about the current season of marital hardship you are in and what your next best steps could be. 

Clarity Call


If you are currently struggling within your marriage and are seeking clarity about what's truly going on in your relationship, you're in the right place. My 90 Minute Clarity Call is designed to ultimately get you to a place where you understand the true challenge you're facing in your marriage, how your current behavior has been helping or hurting the situation and what your next step should be. 
For some women a Clarity Call is enough.  They are able to take the insight that I provide and move forward.  Other's need additional guidance and support.  Either way I am here to help get you to the next level of preparedness. 


First, I will listen to the challenges you've been experiencing in your marriage.



Then, I will assess how you have been navigating your marriage in its current season.



Next, I will provide valuable insight as to how the enemy is currently strategizing against your marriage.



After that, I will recommend specific immediate and fruitful actions for you to start in order to better navigate your marriage in its current season.





"After our clarity call, I literally had so much clarity!  You identified ways that the enemy was coming against my marriage that I had no knowledge of.  And honestly, after our call I struggled with some of the things you told me.  So, I prayed about it and was just like, wow!  It was confirmed through the Spirit so I decided to reach out to my husband, and even after a year of us being separated he was so receptive.  Its like he had just been waiting for me to reach out!"

"Thank you Tawanda, for taking time with me today for my clarity call!  I received so much insight and wisdom, So many times when we are sitting in our own situation we need a fresh and different eye that is in-tuned to the voice and the move of God to give you fresh revelation,  It has given me the knowledge and the direction that I need to continue on this journey.  With the information shared, the tools that were given and the additional support through the available coaching options I am more hopeful than I have ever been that God will do just what He said he will do if we remain faithful and steadfast! Thank you Tawanda, you are a true blessing to the body of Christ."

"Thank you!!!  This call is one of THE most impactful spiritual experiences of my life.  Holy Spirit definitely showed up and spoke to me through you.  I've prayed all the prayers twice already this morning along with my usual morning prayers."

"I'm still in awe over the revelation and insight I received today and I'm so thankful that God, our Father, is willing to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I can ask or think according to the power working in me - I will do the work that you have provided."

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