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Hosted by: Tawanda Johnson
Wednesday | April 20, 2022 | 8pm EST


husband has really messed up.  He's done something that has left you filled with pain, confusion, bitterness, and most of all, anger.  You are so upset that getting through the day to day in your marriage

has proved to be a more daunting task than you ever thought possible.  Despite this season that your marriage is in right now, you love your husband.  You want to come through this difficult season and still be married and you believe that God has the power to see you through it but, how?  How can you really get through this entire season when you can barely make it through the day without being overcome by your emotions?  

As a wife coach who specializes in helping women of God get through marital hardships, I've worked with several women in this exact season.  And the truth is, it's extremely difficult to navigate tough times fruitfully when you're filled with hurt and anger.  All of those negative feelings can act as a barrier to walking out this season of your life in a way that not only serves you but also serves your marriage.   I created Anger to Alignment to help you better understand how to overcome that barrier.  There is so much that God can do here, but you've got to give more room to Him than you are to your feelings.


Emotional Clarity:  Gain a better understanding of your emotions.  Learn how you process negative feelings,  the true spiritual purpose of your emotions, and how to use them for your benefit rather than allowing them for your detriment
Emotional Idolatry:  Understand exactly how you may be misusing your emotions to the point of idolatry.
Emotional Recovery:  Learn what you need to do in order to better process your negative emotions in a way that Gives God room and allows you to do your part to navigate your season of marital hardship fruitfully

When you said "for better or for worse"  you never imagined it would be like this. But, unlike many people who get married, you actually meant what you said when you went to the alter.  So, let's get you through those emotions.  

About Your Host

I'm Tawanda, a Wife Coach that helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship fruitfully.


The first half of my 14 years of marriage is where God truly prepared me to be one of the absolute best at positioning and preparing women to withstand the impact of challenges within their union.


From my early years of marriage that was filled with arguing, selfish behavior, and a lack of understanding of how to truly love, to grieving through repeat pregnancy loss as well as newborn child loss and, struggling through financial turmoil.  My husband and I really went through it.  But God!


Through God’s Word and leaning into my personal relationship with Christ as well as with my husband, I have created a formula for navigating hardship in a way that allowed God to do what only He could do in our mariage.  As a result, my husband and I have become: 


  • Expert Communicators

  • Child Loss Overcomers

  • Conflict Resolution Experts

  • Parents of 3 Amazing Children

  • Owners of two Thriving Businesses

  • Home Owners of a 10,000 Square foot estate

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