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Healing From Hardship


Keys to actively healing as you navigate marital hardship as a wife

Hosted by: Tawanda Johnson
Wednesday |May 1, 2024 | 8pm EST

Contrary to popular belief, hardship is apart of marriage.  There will be seasons of your union that cause you a great deal of hurt.  Sometimes that hurt is even caused directly by the man you married, which makes the season even more difficult to navigate.  That doesn't necessarily mean that you should walk away from your marriage.  But sometimes you can become so desperate for healing that you believe the only way for you to heal is by separating.  That can be true at times, but most often, it is not.  And so, if that's true, the question is how?

How can you actively heal in the same environment that is hurting you?

If you are a married woman of God in a season of marital hardship and you want to do your part to get through that season, but you also want to get through it whole, not bitter, bound or broken, I want to give you some critical keys to making that happen.  Join me Wednesday May 1st for a class that could open your eyes in a way that changes everything. 

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About Your Host

I'm Tawanda, a Wife Coach that helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship fruitfully.


My 16 year marriage and personal walk with Christ have equipped me to be one of the absolute best in the world at helping women to withstand, navigate and overcome marital hardships.
In a culture and world that glorifies SELF, I help wives stand firm in their faith and glorify Jesus by navigating marriage difficulties according to His word.
I have helped many women navigate various marriage challenges including:
  • Infidelity
  • Infidelity Resulting In Outside Children
  • Child loss
  • Consistent Conflict
  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Identity Trauma
  • Spousal Abandonment
With every transformed woman and marriage God gets the glory.
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