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Weekly Curriculum Call Content

Each week I will add a downloadable link for you to access the curriculum workbook content we'll be going over.  You can download or print out the document prior to or following our curriculum call.  I recommend reviewing the workbook several times throughout the week it's covered.  There will be specific information for you to meditate on and/or action items for you to apply.


By the end of the program, you will have the complete Winning Wives Workbook which you can use to reference throughout the life of your marriage. 

Due to the nature of the coaching and courses, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. Should you choose to terminate the program for any reason, you will still owe a remaining balance. You are responsible for the entire balance of the program once you sign up. If you are removed from the program due to forfeited payment, you may only re-enter the program by paying the remaining balance in full within 60 days. After 60 days, you will have to re-enroll for the program by paying in full.

Thanks for submitting!

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