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Understand The Mindset You Need To Navigate Marriage Fruitfully As A
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 | 8pm ET
Hosted by: Tawanda Johnson

When people get married they often go into that marriage having nurtured either a false or incomplete sense of how marriage was designed and what kind of mindset is required to navigate it fruitfully.

As a wife coach who specializes in helping women of God get through marital hardships, one of the most common difficulties my clients face in walking through that season is shifting their mindset so that they can navigate it in a way that honors God, serves their marriage and produces good fruit in their lives.

The reality is, the world just doesn't teach you this. That's why I created the MARRIAGE MINDSET Masterclass.  This class will help both married and single women of God who desire marriage understand the mindset they need to navigate the ups and downs of their marriage. 


What You'll Learn In This Unique Masterclass For Married AND Single Women of God
Mindset & Marriage:  How They Correlate & Why It's Important For You 
7 Mental Attributes of A Properly Positioned WIFE
The 3 major challenges with preparing your mind for marriage and how to overcome them
The 5 step process to preparing your mind to navigate marriage fruitfully
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About Your Host

I'm Tawanda, a Wife Coach that helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship fruitfully.


The first half of my 15 years of marriage is where God truly prepared me to be one of the absolute best at positioning and preparing women to withstand the impact of challenges within their union.
From my early years of marriage that was filled with arguing, selfish behavior, and a lack of understanding of how to truly love, to grieving through repeat pregnancy loss as well as newborn child loss and, struggling through financial turmoil.  My husband and I really went through it.  Now, with God, David and I have designed a partnership that is currently living in exceeding abundance in every area.


Since successfully navigating the tough seasons in my own marriage I've helped many other women navigate various marriage challenges including:
  • Physical Infidelity
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Serial Infidelity
  • Infidelity Resulting In Outside Children
  • Child loss
  • Consistent Conflict
  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Identity Trauma
  • Spousal Abandonment
  • Loss of Trust Due To Financial Turmoil
Understand the mindset you need to truly navigate "For better or for worse" as a 
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