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5 Minutes in the Manual

We're thrilled that so many of you have taken advantage of the Power Couple Manual & Workbook. As a way for us to get into the manual with you we're also excited to share a new IG segment with you called 5 Minutes in the Manual with David & Tawanda

5 Minutes in the Manual is a 10 day IGTV series where David and I select key elements within the Power Couple Manual & Workbook to dive into with you guys for 5 minutes. It doesn't seem like a lot of time but I promise this series will bless your life!

It is of course most valuable if you have the manual to reference. So, if you haven't gotten your copy of this digital manual do that now here

You can check out the 5 Minutes in the Manual series right here. We encourage you to use it to help you dig deeper into the manual so that you can begin implementing its helpful concepts.

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