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Baby Zeke's Birth Story

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Welcoming the final addition to our family has been well, everything! Most of you all know that our trying to conceive and overall pregnancy journey has been trying since the very beginning. Eight pregnancies, five losses (3 early and 2 late) and three amazing boys later we have been victorious. Praise God for seeing us through it all.

I have to say that being pregnant at 38/39 was something different. On the down side I experienced gestational diabetes for the first time ever. But, on the upside this pregnancy was the first time I didn't have to go on bedrest! Now THAT was awesome. With Zavien I was on bedrest from 19 weeks to 34 weeks and with Zakai I was on bedrest from 27 weeks to 37 weeks. So, to not have to go on bedrest was all was an absolute blessing!

Baby Zeke was born on June 4th, 2020 at 4:12am. We were all so excited to welcome him and are excited to share that story with you all today. Click here to watch Baby Zeke's birth story here

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