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Curly Kai's Hair Journey & Wash Day

Out of all of my boys, Zakai was born with the least amount of hair. Peach fuzz, was all he had to offer. I never would have thought that almost 5 years later he would have more hair than everyone in our house combined!

His hair was super soft and even seemed fine when he was a baby. It also seemed to grow really slow, which is why I didn't mind not cutting it. It was fairly easy to manage. I was never very particular about what I put on his hair when he was really little. Water was always involved and probably a little of whatever my go-to product was at the time.

It wasn't until 2017 that I noticed his hair really begining to grow. So much so that I eventually started bringing in a little boy ponytail. Most of the time though, I just kept his hair curly. His shrinkage is crazy!

After a while, I started getting to the point where I honestly wasn't sure what to do with his hair. I didn't want to cut it all but I thought maybe an undercut would be a good idea. Not quite as much work for me, but he could still have some hair. It was the best idea and he loved it!

So, lets get into wash day. Currently I'm using She Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus products. What I'm loving most about these products is their attention to moisture retention Kai's hair soaks up water very quickly. Retaining that moisture is a struggle but these products really help with that.

Nowadays I wash Kai's hair in the kitchen sink. I used to wash it in the bath tub but when I got pregnant with Zekeyus that became too difficult. He loves climbing up on the counter for wash day.

After saturating his hair with water I move on to the Shampoo. This shampoo lathers really well and helps me to thoroughly clean his hair which is critical because I only wash it about every 3 weeks or so (Mama is a busy woman!)

Next, we condition. This conditioner is just as awesome as the shampoo. It's really silky and again helps to hydrate his hair. Remember earlier when I said that Kai's hair seemed fine when he was a baby? Well, yeas his hair grew it got really thick and extremely curly. He has super tight curls that can be a chore to detangle which is why I'm so thankful for these next two products.

I use the extra moisturizing detangler and the curling butter cream together and they are a bomb duo for Kai's hair. THE MOISTURE. Yall! His hair really loves this stuff. It makes detangling virtually pain free which we both can appreciate. Look how nice and juicy his hair is after using this combo.

From there, we style. My new go-to style for him are poodle puffs. They last a good 3 weeks, stretch his hair AND look super cute on him. That's pretty much it for Kai's wash day guys! Every wash day I ask him if he wants Daddy to cut his hair off. He always says "No thanks." He really loves his hair guys. And we won't cut it unless he wants us to. So, we'll see how much longer his hair will grow before he wants to cut it. Until then, the curly Kai Journey continues.



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