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Deck Life

Welcome to our multilevel deck! This feature of our home is so serene. All of the greenery surrounding it and the high contrasting paint colors make it pop so beautifully. It's funny because before moving to this house I did not appreciate nature much at all. Somehow God has managed to shift that incredibly. I don't care for nature inside our home, but with this beautiful greenery meeting me right when I walk outside, I don't think I need it.

With all of this bench seating, our deck is screaming for an outdoor party! I can see a live band or DJ on the first level of the deck and a gang of people dancing, hanging out, having a good ole time on level 2. The pergola on this level would also provide a nice shaded area for hanging out as well. Then on level 3 I can see people sitting on the benches chatting it up and enjoying the koi pond. And finally on level 4 I can see a game of dominos or spades going down. Yea! We've definitely gotta make that happen. A s soon as COVID-19 passes, we will!

Sometimes I look at our deck as it is today and it's hard to remember how it looked when we first purchased our home. It was beautiful but begging for some TLC. And ya'll, the transformation is pretty crazy! Take a look for yourself.

In 2019, we decided that it was time to give our deck a makeover. You guys know I live for high contrast so we decided on a brown premium water-proof stain and sealer by BEHR in the color Wood Chip. We coupled it with white railings and pow! It is now my favorite place to take pictures on our property.

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