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From Formal Dining to Cozy Common Area

When we purchased our over 10,000 square foot mansion fixer upper in 2016 we put a five year plan in place to have it at least 90% renovated. This is year 5 and we've accomplished that goal! I'm so proud of us. I'm super excited to be sharing our home's many spaces on this new platform starting with this cozy common area.

When we purchased our house this common area was originally a formal dining room (see major throwback below). We knew that we wanted to have our formal dining room in the sunroom to take advantage of all of the natural light so, this space turned into something else. With the french doors leading out to our back patio and our living room being right off of this space as well, it's a really high traffic area.

When we first moved in, one of the first things we did was replace all of the flooring on this level. We decided on a dark hardwood floor from the front door throughout the kitchen, sunroom and, this common area. As for decor, now that's where things got fun for me.

I started off with the indoor/outdoor black and white checkered chairs by Better Homes & Gardens. David and I scored these chairs from a local liquidation store. The deal was so good we bought every single chair they had. I think it added up to 15! Needless to say, you can find these chairs throughout the main level of our home, outside by the pool and one upstairs in a guest bedroom. I love the look of these chairs. They are black and white which are some of my favorite colors and the look is nice, clean and modern.

As for the two rugs in this space, I found the large ivory boho style rug from Ollie's. I was close to purchasing this rug off of Amazon but I happened upon the one at Ollie's, liked it a bit more and decided on it instead. The other rug placed in front of the french doors is from Amazon. This is one of my favorite features in this cozy space second to the square tufted ottoman.

I found this beautiful ottoman on and it's just perfect! It's velvet, incredibly soft and fits the space so well.

Finally, to finish things off and really bring out that cozy feel I was going for in this space, I added several throw pillows. If you know me then you know that I am a sucker for feather pillows. I found the two striped floor pillows on both sides of the french doors on Amazon for $9! I had to have them. Then, to top off my cube storage units I found three pillows from Home Goods for $16.99 each! These pillows really helped to bring everything together in this space. There's only one last thing I plan to do and that is to replace the piece of wall art above the storage unit with 12 to 16 mixtiles. Stay tuned for that!

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