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Our Journey to Six Streams of Income

There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than being a wife and mom. They are two of my greatest joys. At the same time, I truly enjoy contributing financially to our household. So, even when David was able to retire me from my 13 year corporate career in marketing management I knew that being a homemaker wasn't the only thing that I wanted to do. Now, I wasn't trying to bread win (I had done that early in our marriage for several years and was super excited to see God elevate David) but I did want to contribute. The trick was finding what I enjoyed and was good at that would pay me.

Since God had freed me from corporate I knew for sure that I couldn't work for anyone else again which is exactly how I ended up in entrepreneurship. Quite honestly I felt like an entrepreneur in some ways because I was married to one. Entrepreneurship is essentially what brought us to Georgia. David had partnered with someone to start a credit card processing independent sales office from scratch. If you know any entrepreneurs (or are one yourself) you know that watching that process is totally humbling. I admired him greatly and he encouraged me to go full time as a natural hair influencer once I retired. He knew I enjoyed it and he really just loved to see me happy.

That's when TJluvsbeingnatural really took off for me. I had started getting brand deals, magazine features and I also started really monetizing my YouTube channel. I worked my brand full time for 2 and 1/2 years before I felt God pulling me in another direction. I didn't know what direction that was but I knew that it didn't have anything to do with hair. Honestly, it freaked me out. I had spent so much time and effort into building my brand and God was telling me it was time for something else. Despite my uncertainty of what I was going to do I wanted to completely commit so, I chopped off all my hair. Who remembers that? Here's a look at that video if you're interested.

Meanwhile as I'm going through all of this, God was busy opening even more doors for David & I. David went from having an independent sales office to having the opportunity to build his own credit card processing company. CRAZY. It was another major leap of faith, but by this point in our journey we were pretty used to faith leaping so of course he went for it. In the midst of building this business David convinced me that there was space for branding and marketing solutions in it and encouraged me to join him by offering businesses help in the area I had worked in for years and had 3 degrees in. I started off with speaking engagements, educating businesses in our community about the importance of branding and it grew from there. It was perfect. That's how One Flesh Business Solutions was born.

After starting One Flesh Business Solutions I asked God how to get our business to grow and he told me to focus on our marriage. I was like, what?! But, I did and He showed out. This lead to the transition from TJLuvsBeingNatural to OneFlesh.TV which as you know focuses on marriage health, sustenance and prosperity.

That brings me to what it is we do now to make money. Here is the breakdown:

  1. One Flesh Business Solutions - This is the company that David and I own together. There are two sides of the business, credit card processing (OFBS Processing) and branding solutions. David handles operations for OFBS Processing for the US and Canada and I manage the branding solutions which are only currently offered in the US.

  2. TJLuvsBeingNatural - I still get paid from my old natural hair brand's YouTube channel

  3. Coaching - David and I get paid from coaching various individuals through their marriages

  4. Digital Products - I have various marriage and natural hair digital products available that I also get paid from

  5. Amazon Influencer Store - I get paid commissions whenever someone purchases anything from my store

  6. Investment Community - And lastly, we are also a part of a close knit investment community that pays us out monthly

Six streams of income. That's it, for now. Some are passive and some we work very diligently every day. I think that when we attain that seventh source (the number of completion) we'll be done. Until that opportunity presents itself we'll continue to work and do our best to grow what God has blessed us with.

I would be remiss to not mention that we do have sales opportunities available for OFBS Processing that offer commission, bonuses and residual income. If you're interested in more information email

Well, that's it guys! That's how we make money. We remain grateful and humble through it all because we know that it is the Lord our God that gives us the ability to obtain wealth.

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