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Our Life Strategy

Y'all often hear David and I talking about prosperity and how it's something that doesn't just happen. You have to both prepare and position yourself for prosperity. This is one of the key things that we teach married people to do within their marriage. Well, one of my recent blog posts Our Journey to Six Streams of Income got me thinking about a video I recorded 3 years ago for my TJLuvsBeingNatural channel all about our life strategy.

I went back and watched that video and it was pretty cool to see myself talk about a strategy David and I have since unpacked even more thoroughly for the benefit of ALL marriages. And now, the first and most important key element of our Power Process is all about this particular strategy.

I just love how God was literally constructing our signature coaching process before we even began operating in our zone of purpose. He is so intentional.

Interested in hearing about the original strategy that we highly credit the success of our life together to? Watch it here.

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