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Our Living Room Transformation

Would you believe that our living room was once a large open dance floor and stage combination? Well! It was. The previous owner of our home was a bit of a partier. So much so that he had a mural painted in the home of the band he often played with here in the house on the stage. Yea, the back story on our house is pretty cray. Needless to say the space was in desperate need of transforming. We ended up turning the stage into our kid cave which I'll be brining you into soon, and the dance floor became our living room. Here is a look at where we started and where we ended up.

I'd say that the overall decor theme is kind of modern farmhouse. Lots of neutrals and some textured accents. Alright! So let's get into the details. So when you first walk in of course you're greeted by our massive leather sectional . We found this beauty at Rooms to Go Outlet. It had just a few scuffs on it but was otherwise perfect. So, we purchased this originally priced $4200 sectional for half the price! I couldn't find our exact sectional but here's a similar one. Don't sleep on Rooms to Go Outlet y'all. You can find some gems!

Then, there's the floor. We found this beautiful Grey Oak Laminate Floor from Home Depot for under $1.00 a square foot! We also carried this floor upstairs onto our 3rd level as well. Love it.

Next, let's move into rugs. The rug you run into first which is a bit of a statement is this 3 x 5 KIMODE Moroccan Area Rug. I love this rug! Not only is it black and white but it also has a really cool print. Snagged this rug for under $45.

Our large 8 x 10 area rug is from Old Time Pottery. I love the neutral colors, it's incredibly soft AND it was under $200!

Next up, pillows! If you don't know, I'm a sucker for decorative feather pillows. There is not one decorative pillow on our main level that isn't feather. I just love how comfortable they are and how I'm able to style them. All of the pillows in our living room are either from Marshalls or Home Goods. Those are my go-to stores for pillows.

The two oversized cream pillows are by Vince Camuto. I scored them on clearance at Marshalls for $20 a piece! Y'all should have seen how fast I picked them up. I didn't even have a buggy! I literally grabbed them and rushed to the register to buy them because I couldn't believe the price. These are perfect when we have family come to visit. If our oversized sectional is full you can just grab one of these and get cozy on the floor.

The two black "Love" pillows with white trim are also from Marshalls. I got them for $16.99 a piece.

The super cute "Love Grows Here" pillow with the tassels is from Home Goods. It was also $16.99.

And finally, the centerpiece. The black and white textured pillow that sits just beneath the fireplace is from Home Goods and it was $30. This statement piece is everything! Speaking of the fireplace, let's talk a little about that.

David and I found this fireplace on Amazon. We searched for quite a while for a fireplace because we wanted to make sure we got one that was actually able to heat the space (about 700 square feet.). This one does a pretty good job. It's the Antarctic Star 60 Inch Electric Fireplace . It has multiple colors and heat settings with the realistic flame effect. It also comes with a convenient remote. We got it for just under $400.

Our TV is a 65 inch Vizio. David Johnson has been talking about getting a larger one for this space but, I think it's just fine.

Lastly are some other accessories. I'm about as bad with throw blankets as I am with pillows but, not quite. The main throw blanket for the living room I keep on one of the black ottomans (which I'll talk about in just a sec). It's by DKNY and I found it at Marshalls for $19.99. I keep most of the other overflow blankets in two black and white woven storage baskets. They're by Heritage and I scored them on clearance at Marshalls for $12.99 and $16.99. Love how these compliment the room.

Next up are my AmazonBasics knit foam pouf ottomans. I searched for a long time for the right ottomans for this space. I wanted ones that had substance but where also large enough to be dual purpose foot stools or seats for the kids if necessary. These are perfect and are under $60.

Lastly are my side table and coasters. This black side table with gold trim was the perfect complement to the other decor. I found it at one of my favorite stores ever, Ross. Can't remember how much I paid for it but y'all know the way Ross' prices are set up, it was a great deal! And finally, my coasters! I wanted coasters that meshed well with the woven baskets and my statement pillow. I found these beauties on Amazon.

Well, thats it! That's our living room. Where we hang out as a family and just chill. I love the transformation and am excited to finish it off with some wall art or photography. Stay tuned for that!

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