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Thirteen Years Ago Today

Thirteen years ago on today, I married my best friend. It was absolutely the best decision I've ever made in my life (after giving my life to Christ of course). Our wedding day was one that I will never forget. We had our ceremony at one of the most beautiful indoor venues in Pinellas County, Ruth Eckerd Hall.

I was both excited and anxious to get the ball rolling. It felt like a lifetime before it was actually time for me to walk down the aisle. Having my family and my closest friends at that time there for me was incredible. My sister Tina, who most of you all know has been in a coma for the past 9 months was my Maid of Honor. Looking back on that day I'm so thankful that she was there with me.

My other sister Yolanda, barley made it to my wedding. She had just had my niece Jadyn a couple of weeks prior and ended up back in the hospital with blood clots. Even though she couldn't be in the wedding, I was still very grateful to have her there.

Our closest friends and family were in attendance. We even had David's Grandmother who has since passed come down from Louisiana along with some others. Everyone who mattered was in place.

I remember sitting in the bridal suite after all of my bridesmaids and everyone had already gone to walk down the aisle. I was so ready! Waiting felt like a life time! So when I got the call that it was time to go, I was beyond ready. I walked my way around the building to the back of the room behind a full wall of curtains and waited for the curtains to open.

So many people claimed that that was the best moment of the entire event. I walked through the doors and immediately started boohoo crying. I couldn't stop yall! It was horrible. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. I remember David's mom crying but yelling at me "Tawanda, stop crying! You're beautiful!" It was no use though. I was a mess.

I got to the front and stood beside the most amazing man I've ever known this side of heaven. We said our vows and sealed them with a kiss. It was perfect.

Then, we partied!

This was honestly one of the best days of my life. And now, 13 years later here we are living this crazy amazing life. I've learned so much from David. So much so that I thought it would be fun to share 13 things that he has taught me over these 13 years. Check that special video out here.

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