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Welcome To The Kid Cave!

If you saw my blog post all about our living room transformation then you know that our now kid cave was once a full stage. Yes, a stage! That means that this space much like many of the other spaces in our 10,000 square foot fixer upper has had quite the overhaul. So, I'm super excited to be sharing our kid cave with you guys.

Before we get into deets let's take it way back. One of the first areas that David wanted to tackle when it was time to demo the main level of our house was the stage. We knew that this space would not function for our family . Almost immediately we decided that we wanted to designate this as a space for the kids to be able to hang out. So, the demolition commenced.

Am I the only mom that just feels more comfortable having carpet in kid designated areas? I knew right off bat that I wanted carpet in this space. Zakai was only 2 years old when we bought the house and we knew we wanted to have one more child so for me, carpet was necessary.

From there I just had to figure out what we wanted in the space. For the first 3 years half of the room was a toy catch all space. I had lots of bins and tried to keep them organized but that was pretty much impossible. Meanwhile we made the other side into gaming space by adding a TV and Playstation and comfy seating. Problem was that unless they were playing Playstation the boys rarely spent time in the kid cave which bugged me because, that was THEIR space.

After COVID-19 hit and Zavien had to finish off his 3rd grade school year from home I thought that it might be time for a refresh. I decided to keep a similar layout with one side being a gaming area but changed up the other side to be more of a crafting/work space.

It started off with the painting of the herringbone accent wall. If you missed all the deets on that blog post you can check it out here. Once that was done I had to figure out what type of work space I wanted. I decided to keep the work space up against the wall to help maximize space. I had a friend of ours custom build the desk for us. The same friend that built our giant farmhouse table. As usual, he did an amazing job.

To keep with the black and white theme I asked him to stain it black which turned out beautiful. To contrast with the black I went with these white mid century modern chairs which I love.

When we first did the demo on the space we for some reason decided not to get rid of the numerous outlets that were on the wall. This actually ended up working in our favor because now we can use them as charging stations for various mobile devices.

As for decor for the room, I knew that I wanted a really fun accent rug. I was so excited when I found this super cool black and white polka-dotted one on Amazon. It creates such a nice entry for the space. I also found another fun accent with the black and white striped pouf. I scored it at a local store in our little city.

The gaming side is pretty simple. I have 3 Big Joe beanbag chairs that the boys can lounge in while they play Playstation, a couple of bins for their games and controllers and thats about it. I do plan to add more wall art to this side. Currently we have one piece that says "Boys Will Be Boys." All of the worded wall art in the kid cave is from Hobby Lobby.

On the crafting side we have a black desk which the boys will use for painting. It was important for me to designate a space for painting but I wanted to make sure I didn't have it up against a white wall to minimize messes, ya know? We also have one cube storage unit which is mainly for craft supplies. I pulled in more art on the wall that the storage unit sits on. I found some really great ones at Hobby Lobby. Definitely planning on building this collage out more in the future.

For the long work space I found several canisters to hold supplies that the boys would use most often (ie pencils, markers, crayons, erasers etc.). I found 4 glass ones with black tops and a couple of plastic ones with white tops all from Marshalls. Clearly I was going hard on the black and white but, they also functions really well.

That's pretty much it guys! I'm super happy with the way everything came together and the boys really enjoy working and playing in this space now. I just have one more accent that I want to add for the entrance, black barn door! I'll definitely keep you guys posted on that one.

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