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SHIFT 2023

"Holy Spirit's presence was there and we will never be the same."

SHIFT was Coach T's first annual conference designed for women of God struggling in their marriage, who felt like they were in need of a mental and spiritual shift.  This full day conference focused on bringing clarity to God's Word through Biblical teaching made relevant for wives, and providing practical insight for real life application.  If you missed out on this dynamic event, your opportunity to take in all of the teaching is here. 

About Your Host And Wife Coach

Tawanda (aka Coach T) is a wife coach who helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship by positioning them to hear from God and helping them to walk in obedience to Him when they do.

From her early years of marriage that was filled with arguing, selfish behavior, and a lack of understanding of how to truly love, to grieving through repeat pregnancy loss as well as newborn child loss and, struggling through financial turmoil.  Tawanda and her husband really went through it.  Now, with God, they have designed a marriage that is currently operating in exceeding abundance in every area.


Since successfully navigating the tough seasons in her own marriage she has helped many other women navigate various marriage challenges including:
  • Physical Infidelity
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Serial Infidelity
  • Infidelity Resulting In Outside Children
  • Child loss
  • Consistent Conflict
  • Communication Problems
  • Sexual Identity Trauma
  • Spousal Abandonment
  • Loss of Trust Due To Financial Turmoil
As a wife coach, Tawanda has shown up on Instagram lives, taught several virtual classes, served in her online learning and support platform as well as her 1-On-1 and group coaching programs.  And in each one of these areas, God has allowed her to serve in the power of His Holy Spirit.  As a result, lives and marriages have been transformed!  Coach T is beyond blessed to serve God's daughters in their seasons of darkness and to be a vessel through which His light is shone.  Now it's time to bring that light to a stage.

Dr. Charmaine Cousins

Pastor Dr. Charmaine Cousins is the co-founder of Love First Christian Center nondenominational church in Riverview FL. Along with her husband of 25 years , Senior Pastor, Dr. Jomo Cousins, the two lead one of the most prestigious Bible based teaching ministries in the Tampa Bay Area.

Dr. Cousins is a proud graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary respectively.

Dr.Cousins truly embodies the spirit of someone who “lives to give”.  She has purposed her life to be a virtuous wife, mother to her 3 children, and a friend to all who come to know her.

Loren Abernathy


Loren Abernathy is the co-founder and First Lady of City Church.  Along with her husband of 16 years, Sr. Pastor Josh Abernathy, the two lead this Bible based ministry that is also a pillar in the community of Griffin/Spalding County. 

Mrs. Abernathy studied Family Ministries and Counseling at Toccoa Falls College and is the Director of the Women's and Small Group Ministries at City Church.

Mrs. Abernathy has a heart for God's daughters and helping them to live life in His abundant grace and steadfast love.  She is a mom of 3 and never stops seeking to create clear paths to Jesus by pouring out love wherever she goes.

SHIFT 2023 Guest Speakers

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