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"Yesterday forever

Changed my life"

That's what one of the attendees of the first annual SHIFT conference had to say after sitting with everything she received.  I knew this conference was bound to have a big impact on those who were going to be present, but I had no idea just how great of an impact that would be. 

This conference wasn't just an opportunity for women to connect and fellowship, it was also an opportunity for them to receive Biblical teaching and Godly wisdom they wouldn't get anywhere else.  Attendees spent the day fully engaged with Holy Spirit and He moved mightily during our time together.  

"The days leading up to it I was battling suicidal thoughts and I was going to go through with a divorce. I was in a lot of pain. I had listened to Ms. Tawanda before on Instagram but I just couldn’t see myself seeing this marriage out, let alone continue to live. I knew I was attending in a matter of days but I didn’t have an expectation. I was simply going to go with an open mind. While at SHIFT, two things stood out to me. The first was how much presence of God was on Ms. Tawanda and how she interacted with her husband which almost brought me to tears 5 minutes into the event!!

I wanted that, and my heart broke but it planted a seed of restoration in my heart. I had to come to terms that, even though my husband has caused me massive trauma, I was very clearly able to see my part in our dysfunction. I had made covenants in my heart, with spirits of separation, and the whole time it was my husband who wanted to stay! I had to learn that I was not operating in my covenant that I had made to God and bound by a spirit of fear and allowing the devil to run amuck with my emotions to the point of contemplating suicide. I am not playing when I say that Ms. Tawanda is the reason I am alive this past week, and why I have committed myself back to my covenant with my husband. I have been speaking life into him, and holding on to the promises of God, and allowing myself to wait for the season where I can emanate the love Ms. Tawanda and her husband have for the glory of God! God has sent her to remind me of His power and might.

While any other coach or service I could have sought, would have offered me relief, Ms. Tawanda offers freedom from bondage and the ultimate truth which is the Word of God! Thank you Coach T for allowing God to pour His heart out for His daughters through you! You are a testimony that God understands the depth of my pain, and wants me to walk out in victory!"



As a wife coach who helps women of God navigate seasons of marital hardship, the most common challenges I see that these women face is having a lack of knowledge and understanding of God's Word and how it relates to them in their season of difficulty.  Everything that I do is in an effort to bring meaning and clarity to God's Word in ways they have never heard before.  When God compelled me to create SHIFT, He assured me that those same objectives would hold true. 
I designed SHIFT especially as an opportunity to bring like-minded married women together to fellowship, worship, and learn about God's Word and how it applies to them as wives.  Not only did I share transformational truths, I also brought two special guests that helped attendees apply those truths so that transformation had the opportunity to manifest.
I am happy to say that SHIFT 2023 was amazingly successful in doing everything that God intended for it to do. The Word of God fell on his daughters with open hearts and minds.  They had ears to hear and left the conference full and forever changed.


What other people had to say

"SHIFT was nothing short of AMAZING!"

"The atmosphere was amazing! The Spirit was present!  Your presentation was so filled with love and it moved the whole room to become a better version of themselves."

"Listen!!! SHIFT 2023 Conference with my sister was everything and got us right on together!  When @onefleshtv said we was gone get that work, we indeed got jsust that.  Holy Spirit's presence was there and we will never be the same."

"I'm still struggling to find the words to describe it.  Truly a unique experience that I'm SO glad I didn't miss. I would've gotten that NOWHERE else!"

"You deserve all the accolades and MORE!!! SHIFT was not only an amazing conference ut everything was done with such professionalism, intention and kindness form the registration desk to the decor to lunch to the on scree presentation!  I was so blessed to be in the room."

"Awesome experience!  The Holy Spirit was all up & through that place."

"Forever changed and eternally grateful."

If you weren't able to attend you missed an extraordinary experience! But I'm excited to announce the dates for the second annual shift conference!

SHIFT 2024

Friday October 4 - Saturday October 5

SHIFT 2024

One of the biggest changes with SHIFT 2024 is going from 1 day to 2 days.   After concluding the first annual SHIFT conference I knew that adding an additional day would take the level of impact and transformation to an even higher level.  There will be more time for teaching, learning, revelation, fellowship, worship and now, coaching. 

The value of SHIFT 2023 FAR exceeded the cost.  This conference is jam packed with knowledge, insight and value that can change your life, and you won't find anywhere else.  


What To Expect

SHIFT 2024 will be a 2-day exclusive experience in Griffin, GA for married women of God who want a better marriage. Both days will be intensive days of dynamic teaching, learning and fellowship that will create the mental and spiritual SHIFT needed to overcome hardship and navigate marriage not just as a Believer, but as a Follower of Jesus Christ.  Here's what you can expect:

2 Live Masterclasses with Coach T
Live Coaching
Special Guest Insight
Wife Panel
Live Worship
Exclusive SHIFT Workbook For Wives
Lunch and Q&A with Coach T on both days (VIP ONLY)
Swag Bag (VIP ONLY)
Preferred Seating (VIP ONLY)


Register For SHIFT 2024
Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering!

All payments are non-refundable.  If for any reason you are unable to make it to SHIFT, your ticket can be used for another One Flesh TV Coaching service.  Due to the nature of the coaching and courses, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances. 

If you are a married woman of God who wants a better marriage and wants to do it God's way you definitely don't want to miss SHIFT 2024.  As a wife coach who helps women navigate seasons of marital hardship by renewing their minds according to the Word of God, this one-of-a-kind conference is going to serve you with insight and Godly wisdom you never knew you needed.  

SHIFT 2023 was a gentle prelude in comparison to what SHIFT 2024 is going to offer.  The level of spiritual insight will be heightened, the worship experience will level up, I am bringing opportunities for live coaching to the stage, new speakers, and the Exclusive Shift Workbook for Wives will be the lifetime resource that will help you maintain the mental and spiritual shift that this event creates in you. 

For those of you that may be wondering, "Why Griffin?"  Although Griffin is a smaller city in metro Atlanta, it is the area that God called me to serve in.  And so, I will serve here until He guides me to host in other areas.  

SHIFT 2024

Access to the next level of mental and spiritual maturity you need as a married woman of God

Register Today!

All payments are non-refundable.  If for any reason you are unable to make it to SHIFT, your ticket can be used for another One Flesh TV Coaching service.  Due to the nature of the coaching and courses, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

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